Friday, June 8, 2007

I have started this blog to keep track of my wine notes. I recently misplaced my wine journal, which is hard to believe considering that it hasn't left my 370 square foot apartment in the last 6 months. I figure that putting my notes on a blog would eliminate the possibility of losing them. So for now, my blog is simply an organizing system for myself and is not meant to be a "blogger's blog".

The blog name comes from my family's house in Sonoma County. My parents bought 29 acres at the end of Walling Road when I was six years old. The road is just over two miles long and turns into a gravel driveway for the last quarter mile. This road has been part of my childhood, my adolescence and now my adulthood. I picked berries, road my bike, learned to drive and most recently wine tasted on this road. Up until the last two years I never really saw the road as being about wine. Of course I noticed that it was lined by vineyards. I watched Gallo plow and plant new vines on one side of the road, while our neighbor Jerry's old gnarled vines were rooted firmly on the other side. J Pedroncelli's Winery sign signaled that we were near the end of our 80 mile car ride, but it never said, "wine" to me.

Now I am living in New York City and I have found out that I love wine. It is too bad that my interest could not have started back when the family would make weekly trips up to the wine country (though I would have been under age anyway). So my exploration of wine has an will continue to be from the East Coast... for now.

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