Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mission Impossible?

I have decided to give myself an assignment: to go to a wine store an NOT leave with a bottle of wine. Perhaps this seems like an awfully easy task, but for me it's not. When I go to a wine shop it is pretty much guaranteed that I will leave with a bottle. Let me make some analogies:
  • A kid in a candy shop
  • A 20-something female Manhattan resident at a Bloomingdales sale
  • A coupon clipper at a grocery store on a Double-Day
  • A surfer in the water with an oncoming wave
  • A retired person (and half the general population) when the lotto reaches above $100 mil.
Inevitably the allowance will be spent, the new "going out" top will be purchased, the cereal, crackers or odd cleaning supply will be bought for a miraculous 49 cents, the wave will be ridden and the lotto ticket... lots and lots of lotto tickets will be distributed. So will I too follow in the same predictable pattern?

Here are the rules of the game:
  • I must bring my wallet
  • I must take part in the wine tasting promotion
  • I must talk to at least one sales person and get at least one recommendation
  • And most importantly, I must leave without making a purchase.
Will I succeed? Or is it... (dun dun dun) a Mission Impossible? - take my poll (see left side bar).
And in case this has not provided enough (or any) amusement. Check out Gary's video from the Wine Library.

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