Monday, March 3, 2008

Birthday Wine: A preview of the year to come?

Last year, when I turned 25, I celebrated by removing my undergraduate adornment (a shiny blue rhinestone belly-ring) and pledging to take my vitamins every day. Yesterday I turned 26 and I have yet to come up with a fitting birthday-resolution. Finding an inspiring, challenging and of course well paying job would be a good one to have, but it seems a little drastic to go from taking vitamins one year to acquiring the perfect career in the next. I will continue to ponder the new goal for my 26th year, but for now I will simply share the experience of my birthday wine:

Tasting Notes:
2002 E. Giboulot, Le Combe d'Eve, Cote du Beaune, France. What does this wine say about the new 26 year-old me? Well, I can hardly pronounce it, and I certainly can't afford it (especially for the $15 dollars a glass that it was being offered for at the restaurant where I celebrated my birthday. Lucky for me it was a gift from the very generous sommelier). But I definitely enjoyed it. And I do have to say that after just over 6 months of regular wine exposure I was able to have a greater understanding and appreciation of it.

Imagine the smell of honey and apple cider, infused with sweet peas or some other wildflowers. This wine had a rich weight to it in my mouth but not a bit of heaviness or syrupy sweetness that you might a wine smelling of honey would have. It had a fabulous crisp finish from good acidity, yet the flavor of the honeyed wine lasted on my tongue long after it had been swallowed. This Burgundy (Chardonnay) paired perfectly with my scallops.

It is important to note that this wine was made with some serious tender-loving care. Giboulot adheres to biodynamic practices - an organic-plus method of viticulture, which follows the astrological rhythms and tries to keep the life forces of the earth in harmony. Though there is not much on the internet about Giboulot, I did find this great site worth visiting.

Can I live up to this decadent wine in the year to come? We shall see!


Anonymous said...

hi Lauren,
This is Rachel, Katie's friend from 200. I just came across your blog while looking for the latest update on Malloy. From what I have read, it seems you are quite the wine connoisseur! I wanted to share with you a once in a life time food/wine experience I just recently had. I just got back from a trip to Japan with my sister and we had a 10 day world- wind tour of the country, eating some fabulous Japanese cuisine. The highlight was the Kobe Beef in Kobe. We went to this swanky place called Wakkoku that came highly recommended. I ordered the 220g sirloin cut of Kobe beef, costing 95000 yen, about $92US! It came with salad, a seafood appetizer, rice and the beef. We had our own personal chef who presented the beef to us and then cooked it at our table. Along with it came an array of fresh veggies, also grilled right in front of us. He instructed us on how to eat the Kobe, what to dip it in, and a little history behind it (as best as he could with his limited English). Ours came from a Japanese black cow- 3 year old female from Kobe! The steak was cooked rare and was absolutely, melt-in-your mouth delicious-the best thing I have ever eaten! The suggested wine was not sake like everywhere else we went, but a Patriarche from Bourgogne. I did not understand too much about what the chef was saying about the wine so we just said yes to whatever he suggested! It was surprisingly inexpensive compared to the rest of the meal at only 800 yen- about $7. The wine was a smooth red- not too fruity with a hint of vanilla and spice. It went quite well with the steak. The meal was finished off with a refreshing grapefruit sorbet. The whole meal was the major splurge of the trip but well worth it!

Anonymous said...


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